Welcome to Body Piercing

At our establishment, we have experienced body piercers who cater to both male and female clients. To ensure availability, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment. Our slots are available from Monday to Saturday. Please contact us at 07947 878087 to book your appointment.

We offer a variety of piercings including ear, nose, lip, eyebrow, and navel. Our qualified team members are available to provide general advice and guidance on how to care for your piercing.

We use only sterilized nickel-free and titanium jewelry for all piercings, which is available for purchase at our barber shop. Our technicians are registered and fully qualified, giving you peace of mind. Call us today at 07947 878087 to schedule your appointment.

Price list is

£25 lobe piercing
£30 Nose
£25 Top ear
£40 navel
£30 eyebrow
£30 Tragus
£30 anti tragus
£30 Rook
£30 Diath
£35 Conch
£35 Lip
£35 monroe
£35 Medusa
£35 Labret
£60 angel bites
£60 snake bites
£60 spider bites
£35 vertical labret

Sorry, we don’t do genitalia or tongue piercing.

All piercings are done using sterile titanium
And prepackaged sterile needles.

Only lobe piercings are done with the gun.

All piercings are done to the highest standards we are council registered.

07947 878087

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Tel: 01494 432426

Mob: 07947 878087

Saturday appointments only – 9:30 till 17:00

Body Piercing
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